Green Area

Once called „Princely” or Rail”, from the 9th of May 1889 is a city property and from the year 2004 it bears the name of Józef Jakubowski, a local government activist and creator of the Municipal Museum, opened in 1927. In the eighties of the 19th century, green area was a frightful place for all those who on their way to or from the railway station, had to pass through the thick of bushes, which were an excellent hiding place for all sorts of villains and thugs. Once existing Prince Sanguszko Brewery pond, “cruelly” polluted the air while the brewery restaurant and beer garden made an excellent harbor for city inhabitants looking for adventure. Aniela Piszowa recalls that this place ”had such nice guests that bloody fights often broke out and drownings in the pool were not infrequent.” From the time of the decision made by Mayor Witold Rogoyski, gardener started to work in the green area and the brewery pond was systematically filled up with garbage brought in from the city. Despite that, after eight years this area still looked terrible. That’s when, following an initiative of a local periodical “Pogoń”, green area was handed over for exploitation to the “holiday corps”, a youth organization which operated in Tarnów from 1890, and later to the whole Tarnów Community. Thanks to the efforts of Ignacy Przybyłkiewicz, a playing field was build, perfectly maintained it was a sharp contrast to the messy reality of the green area. Teenagers of both sexes trained in the field, guided by the “In a Healthy Body Healthy Spirit” slogan. At the same time “Cyclist’s Club” was created for older participants. Sport activity brought about a change in the green area. Once considered the worst area in Tarnów, it became a place where people met to watch sporting events. With time, alleys, paths and cut grass started to appear. The playing field, once named after Ignacy Przybyłkiewicz, is used to this very day by the Municipal Sports Club “Tarnovia”.