• Greetings from Tarnów: From Factory Town to Humanopolis

    14 October 2019

    A garden city, a city of the future and a city of death. Culture.pl presents a series of snapshots from the history of Tarnów, a city in southeastern Poland.

  • Olga Tokarczuk Wins Nobel Prize for Literature .

    14 October 2019

    On 10th October 2019, Polish author Olga Tokarczuk was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2018 by the Swedish Academy in Stockholm. This is the second year in a row that Tokarczuk has won a major literary award – in 2018, she and her translator Jennifer Croft won the Man Booker International Prize for ‘Flights’.

  • Poland In Undiscovered

    28 August 2019

    Ryan Socash – an American in Poland, author of “Poland In Undiscovered” series, visited Tarnów in August. Did he enjoy his time here? Is Tarnów worth visiting? Watch the whole episode: vod.tvp.pl

  • „Caravan of remembrance” – 20th edition.

    6 August 2019

    At the end of August, the next, 20th edition of “Caravan of the remembrance” will take place. this time, the formula of the event will be changed. Event, made by Regional Museum in Tarnow, Committee for the Care of Jewish Cultural Monuments and Center for Roma Culture in Tarnów, will last for 3 days.

  • 55 hotel hacks that will blow your mind

    5 June 2019

    Whether you’ve booked a 5-star luxury hotel or a Super 8 off the highway–there are some incredibly genius ways to take your hotel or motel stay to the next level. Thanks to our friends across the internet, we’ve found the best tips, tricks, and hacks to make your stay absolutely amazing. Here are 55 hotel […]

    Tags : tourism
  • Journey by historical steam train through Malopolska

    20 May 2019

    In the Malopolska region of southern Poland, the project "Small Polish Trails Tourism Routes" attracts visitors from May to December with historical trains on the most beautiful parts of the voivodeship.

  • Mościce

    4 March 2019

      The district acquired its name from Ignacy Mościcki, a Polish chemist who patented the industrial production of nitrogen and nitric acid, initiated the construction of the Nitrogen Works, and was President of the Republic of Poland in the interwar years of 1926-39. As a result, the name Mościce wasn’t officially used for the area […]

  • Felicja Curyłowa’s Farmstead Museum in Zalipie reopens today

    1 February 2019

    Open-air museum is renewed and even more interesting due to Stefania Łączyńska’s cottage – new building moved there recently. The renovation of one of the most popular tourist spots in the Tarnów subregion took place as part of the provincial modernization project. All buildings of the Homestead of Felicja Curyłowa have been restored and preserved. […]

    Tags : museum , Zalipie
  • Important changes in regulations of Synagogue in Dabrowa Tarnowska

    16 January 2019

    There will be attractive souvenirs and postcards with Dąbrowski emblems and motifs. A real hit could be the first post-war kosher café owned by Gerald Vineberg, a Jewish restaurateur known very well in Tarnów, a promoter of Jewish culture, a Tarnow restaurant owner, a kosher café and the Nosh art gallery. In the case of […]

    Tags : jewish heritage , tourism


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