The 8 Most Unusual Churches in Poland

Poland is a country containing thousands of churches dating back centuries, and in today’s Poland, more and more churches are being built. Many of the churches are famous and touristic, but for those with a taste for the unusual, this eclectic mix contains some more obscure options. From underground churches to flower art to human […]

Noshing in Tarnów

If you build a kosher cafe in Poland, they will come out of the woodwork, acknowledging ‘some Jewish roots’.

The Happiest Village in Poland

Zalipie is a tiny village in Poland where the houses are covered in painted flowers both inside and out. It’s a local tradition that’s been passed down through generations and continues today.

Medieval Charm in Laid-Back Tarnów, Poland

Tarnów is a charming city very close to Kraków where you can escape the crowds, immerse yourself in history, and soak up the laid-back energy. This medieval city is very well-preserved and the colourful main square will have you reaching for your camera. In this video we explore the city’s pretty Old Town and try […]


Galician Railway Tarnów – Muszyna is the most exciting railway line in Poland. It is hard to find more extraordinary line than this one. Built over 130 years ago leads from Tarnów to Muszyna and then to Krynica or Slovakia and other southern countries. This railway is over 150 km long and goes across main […]

Tarnów Tourist Center wins “2019 Best Tourist Information in Poland” Award

Warsaw, October 2019

Greetings from Tarnów: From Factory Town to Humanopolis

A garden city, a city of the future and a city of death. presents a series of snapshots from the history of Tarnów, a city in southeastern Poland.

Olga Tokarczuk Wins Nobel Prize for Literature .

On 10th October 2019, Polish author Olga Tokarczuk was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2018 by the Swedish Academy in Stockholm. This is the second year in a row that Tokarczuk has won a major literary award – in 2018, she and her translator Jennifer Croft won the Man Booker International Prize for ‘Flights’.

Poland In Undiscovered

Ryan Socash – an American in Poland, author of “Poland In Undiscovered” series, visited Tarnów in August. Did he enjoy his time here? Is Tarnów worth visiting? Watch the whole episode:

„Caravan of remembrance” – 20th edition.

At the end of August, the next, 20th edition of “Caravan of the remembrance” will take place. this time, the formula of the event will be changed. Event, made by Regional Museum in Tarnow, Committee for the Care of Jewish Cultural Monuments and Center for Roma Culture in Tarnów, will last for 3 days.
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