„Bania” water tower

It is one and only water tower of its type in Poland which still works. It is a sensation on a world scale! The construction of the tower was made of steel and it is 37-meter high. The water tank (with capacity of 3000m3) of torus (tyre-like) shape is based on 24 pillars with external diameter of 28 meters and cross-section of 8 meters. It was designed at the end of 70s of XX century at the Warsow University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska) and it was built at the beginning of 80s. “Bania” works as a water tower and a water storehouse which runs during the period of climactic water consumption in the biggest and the highest situated Tarnów’s housing estates (so-called “Falklandy”). The water tank is owned by “Tarnowskie Wodociągi” (Tarnów’s waterworks). Unfortunately, it is not open to the public.