Tarnów is one of the 10 Polish cities that have joined the project Historical Cities 3.0

4 June 2022 , Tags: Tarnów
What makes this picturesque city so exceptional ❓ First of all, the unique Renaissance buildings from the 16th century, which have survived in excellent condition until the present day. ✨ The history of Tarnów, however, dates back to much earlier times – archaeological works have revealed remains of a Slavic fortified town from the 9th century 🔍.
Today, Tarnów boasts a magnificent Renaissance trail: the long list of places to visit includes Renaissance townhouses next to the Market Square, the Nicholas House, the Town Hall, or the beautiful tomb monuments in the Cathedral Basilica. 😍
Tarnów also promotes itself on the tourist market as the Polish heat pole. 🌡 Thanks to the extraordinary microclimate and the large number of sunny days, around 40 vineyards can be found in the area. 🍇

More: https://www.facebook.com/miastahistoryczne30/

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