5 Reasons for Visiting Tarnów – Poland’s Pearl of the Renaissance

11 February 2022 , Tags: Tarnów

Only about one hour east of Kraków lies the charming and picturesque city of Tarnów. Małopolska’s second city by size, Tarnów is absolutely dwarfed by Kraków but features many of the same charms without the crushing crowds, inflated prices and occasional feelings of herd mentality that unfortunately come with a tourist market the size of Kraków’s. On the contrary, Tarnów offers visitors the comforts and appeal of a small town along with the rich history and heritage of a bigger city.

Possessing one of the most picturesque and well-preserved Old Towns in Poland, Tarnów is a showcase of medieval urban planning and Renaissance architecture. As a romantic stroll through the city’s cobbled pedestrian lanes quickly reveals, Tarnów is loaded with historical monuments at every turn, plus several worthwhile museums and galleries.


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