The 8 Most Unusual Churches in Poland

18 November 2019

Poland is a country containing thousands of churches dating back centuries, and in today’s Poland, more and more churches are being built. Many of the churches are famous and touristic, but for those with a taste for the unusual, this eclectic mix contains some more obscure options. From underground churches to flower art to human skulls, this is a perfect list for the keen Instagrammer or church buff touring Poland.


One of the prettiest villages in Europe, Zalipie, houses a truly intriguing church. The entire village is covered in flower art – a trend that continues when you step inside St. Joseph’s Church (Kościół Rzymskokatolicki Pw. św. Józefa Oblubieńca). This is an unusual church where the walls are decorated with flowers, all personally hand-painted by residents of this village who also attend the church. The church is open to the public throughout the week, and Catholic Masses are held at weekends. Weddings also occur here in this artistic church. Another of the reasons that this church surprises people is that there are no flowers or art on the exterior – the secret awaits inside its doors.
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