Important changes in regulations of Synagogue in Dabrowa Tarnowska

16 January 2019 , Tags: jewish heritage , tourism

There will be attractive souvenirs and postcards with Dąbrowski emblems and motifs.

A real hit could be the first post-war kosher café owned by Gerald Vineberg, a Jewish restaurateur known very well in Tarnów, a promoter of Jewish culture, a Tarnow restaurant owner, a kosher café and the Nosh art gallery.

In the case of numerous visits by tourists, guests and pilgrims, especially from Israel and the USA, there is a chance to revive the facility by organizing more frequent concerts, performances and other cultural and artistic activities than before. The plan is to set up a foundation for which the most urgent task will be to save by preservation of old books from Samuel Roth’s library (among them are “white Hebrew ravens from the nineteenth century”). The dream will be a virtual bim in the next few years laser projection of bim survivors from the Holocaust.

The pricelist is valid from January 15. The prices of tourist services are as follows:


 PLN 10.00 – normal

 PLN 7.00 – reduced (children and schoolchildren, students, UTW based on a valid ID card)

 PLN 6.00 – group (group of minimum 20 people)

 PLN 5.00 – reduced as part of the “Big Family Card”.

Free admission will remain only for students and teachers from the Dąbrowa Tarnowska commune.

    GUIDE (languages: Polish, English) – 5.00 PLN / person, but not less than 50.00 PLN for guided tours.

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