28 October 2019 , Tags: articles , blogs

Galician Railway Tarnów – Muszyna is the most exciting railway line in Poland. It is hard to find more extraordinary line than this one. Built over 130 years ago leads from Tarnów to Muszyna and then to Krynica or Slovakia and other southern countries. This railway is over 150 km long and goes across main range of Carpathian mountains. You can watch out the window everything what you imagine! Monumental mountains, huge forests, homely villages and towns. The last part of railway makes the biggest impression to everyone, because it leads parallel to cross-border Poprad river. On one side you are in Poland, but on the other you see beautiful Slovakia. Galician Railway Tarnów – Muszyna is the best option for one day trip to mountains, which for sure makes you a lot of fantastic memories. (Trip time from Tarnów to Krynica: 3,5h, Costs: about 20 PLN/5 EURO)

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