19 ideas for amazing day trips form Krakow

1 December 2023 , Tags: visit Kraków

When you plan your trip to Krakow be sure to set some extra days in your itinerary for a few day trips from Krakow. The area surrounding the second-largest Polish city is packed with attractions, some of them are among the best places to visit in Poland, and you simply don’t want to miss them!

… How about a city that has not changed its urban layout since the Middle Ages? Tarnów is such a place, and it is just over an hour’s drive from Krakow. You can get there by car, train or bus. The aforementioned city layout is not the only thing that makes it worth visiting Tarnów. A nice main square, a beautiful town hall, interesting museums (including the only exhibition about the Gypsy in Poland), and castle ruins are waiting for you. If you are interested in Jewish history, you should visit the Old Bathhouse, see the synagogue bima, or the huge Jewish cemetery. The city is associated with blackthorn („tarnina” in Polish), so when you are here, be sure to try the tincture of this fruit or tea, which you can buy in various places. A visit to the city should begin with a visit to the Tourist Information on the Market Square, where you will receive all the tips for your stay. Tarnów is also a great place for wine fans! There are many vineyards around the city concentrated in the EnoTarnowskie project. Each of the vineyards offers unique wines, and often also accommodation, tasting, and other forms of spending free time….


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