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Working across mediums as diverse as film, comics, and paintings, Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal demonstrates an insatiable appetite for imagery, with references borrowed from popular culture, personal photographs and films. His work – sometimes a reflection, and sometimes a question mark – concerns itself with the role of the image in representation. We take a closer look at the artist and his paintings.

Football fans, have you heard of Bruk-Bet? No? OK, maybe you’ve heard of Termalica? Still no? OK how about the village of Nieciecza? No? Welcome to the world of “Termalica”, (full name Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza Klub Sportowy) who play their matches in the smallest-ever village to boast a top flight football club in Europe. Read on to understand this fairytale.

Tarnów is a Polish city in the Małopolska Province that is too often overshadowed by the province’s capital, the world-famous Kraków. Understandably, this is why many tourists neglect pretty Tarnów, some even unaware of its very existence. Tarnów sits under the radar yet deserves to be seen. For the intrepid tourist, this list contains some interesting things to check out, a true reward for your decision to venture here.