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Remembering the Lost Souls of Tarnów, Poland

A remarkable collaboration between Polish citizens and American Jews to restore the Tarnów Jewish Cemetery galvanizes a world-wide diaspora of descendants and teaches the importance of memory and tolerance to young Poles.

Tarnów, once a hub of Eastern European Jewish life, lost nearly all of its 25,000 Jewish inhabitants in the genocide of World War II. In the last years of a 500-year-old bustling Jewish center, there were round-ups in the central square, ghettoization, mass killings in the forest outskirts, and in 1943, the remaining 10,000 Jews were liquidated—7,000 to Auschwitz and 3,000 to Plaszow.

More: https://www.jewishboston.com/remembering-the-lost-souls-of-tarnow-poland/?fbclid=IwAR006hUThz0u79gklaVtiToxda6DV8lk1pZoNGrNFTFDYP2M6aBFtI2poW8