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A remarkable collaboration between Polish citizens and American Jews to restore the Tarnów Jewish Cemetery galvanizes a world-wide diaspora of descendants and teaches the importance of memory and tolerance to young Poles.

We are proud to annouce, that next Christmas Fair in Tarnow will start at 20 of December! For two days, Tarnow's Main Square will be transformed into festive area.


Summer walks around Tarnow start this weekend!

In July and August there will be an opportunity to visit the Cathedral and the Main Square of Tarnow for free. 

The first Caravan set of from Tarnów in 1996. This year is 18. edition of the event. As every year our Caravan will be a kind of pilgrimage - to Memory Sites, where Gypsies was killed by Germans in time of the II World War. 

At Sunday 18th of September in Dębno castle there will be twentieth International Knight’s Tournament. The event starts from 13:00. Castle will be host a group of reenactors, which for years is enhanced by its participation Tournament. In few hours the guests of the tournament will be able to enjoy the best artists of the Polish, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary.

Today 17th of September at Tarnow market square starts Grupa Azoty Tone Festival. Event starts at 13:00. On stage will appear many performers like: LemOn, Natalia Nykiel, Kombii, Wilki and Zakopower. Free entrance. We are cordinally invited to market square. 

In August Saturdays (6th, 13th and 20th of  August), at 20.00 starts outdoor  Blues concert on Tarnów Market Square. Free entrance. Warmly welcome

In August Sunday evenings at. 19.00 in the Tarnów Amfiteatr  on the street  Copernicus 5 (5 min. walk from Tarnów Market Square, next to the monument of the Unknown Soldier and benches poets) are held free dancing.

The village of Zalipie, situated north of Tarnow has been known for a specific tradition that involves the painting of cottages. The custom of decorating both the exterior and the interior of houses originated at the end of the 19th century and has been continued until today.


Each year, the weekend after the Corpus Christi holiday, the “Painted Cottage” contest is held (this year: May 31st –June 2nd ). Local housewives from Zalipie and surrounding villages compete for award for the most beautifully painted house keeping this unique tradition alive.

April 8th , on Holocaust Memory Day, the annual March of the Living will be held. Its participants will march from former Auschwitz I camp to former Auschwitz – Birkenau camp. 500 Holocaust survivors, 11 thousand Jewish youth from all over the world and Polish youth are expected to participate in the March.