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Felicja Curyłowa’s Farmstead Museum in Zalipie opens to the public after over year-long renovation (Friday, February 1).

The village of Zalipie, 36km northwest of Tarnów, has been known as a centre for folk painting for more than a century, ever since its inhabitants started to decorate both the inside and outside of their houses with colourful floral designs. Today about 20 such houses can be seen in Zalipie, with another dozen or so in the neighbouring villages of Kuzie, Niwka and Kłyż.

Japanese travel agents believe these to be the 30 most beautiful towns in Europe. Zalipie, the Painted Village" makes the list. 

The village of Zalipie, situated north of Tarnow has been known for a specific tradition that involves the painting of cottages. The custom of decorating both the exterior and the interior of houses originated at the end of the 19th century and has been continued until today.


Each year, the weekend after the Corpus Christi holiday, the “Painted Cottage” contest is held (this year: May 31st –June 2nd ). Local housewives from Zalipie and surrounding villages compete for award for the most beautifully painted house keeping this unique tradition alive.