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Did you know that...?

‘Solar system’ fountain

fontanna-układ-słoneczny (13)

In the neighborhood of newly renovated train station and ‘Planty Kolejowe’ park stands an original structure – water fountain designed as the model of the Solar System.

Dungeon in Tarnów

During the 1997 and 2010 renovation of the Town Hall, an enigmatic structure was found below the north wall of the building. It was a cylindrical stone well, 3 meters deep and 2 meters wide. At first, it was believed to be a water tank. But the results of archaeological works beneath the floor of the structure excluded such a possibility. The permeable layer of sand could not hold water, as it was over 8 meters deep. No traces of waste nor excrement eliminated another potential function of the pit. Therefore it was assumed that the structure was a town prison, the dungeon.

„Bania” water tower


It is one and only water tower of its type in Poland which still works. It is a sensation on a world scale! The construction of the tower was made of steel and it is 37-meter high. The water tank (with capacity of 3000m3) of torus (tyre-like) shape is based on 24 pillars with external diameter of 28 meters and cross-section of 8 meters.

and much more...

The tallest Easter palms; the tallest sepulchral monuments in Europe; the oldest industry plant in Europe, which has been operating for over 750 years; the only exhibition in Europe which illustrates the history and culture of the polish Gypsies; Tarnów was inhabited by people of varying ethnicity; the most northern part of the Carpathian mountains; Tarnów - Polish Capital of Comedy; The biggest monument of king Władysław Łokietek