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Horse riding and water activities

Tarnów region has various landforms with a lowland in the north and the Carpathian Foothills in the south. The Tarnów Plateau is a perfect place for horse riding. Sands and low elevation differences allow easy riding which protects horses from injuries. Some fifteen kilometers north from Tarnów Stare Żukowice village is located. Several horse riding centers operating there are combined into „Western Riding Village”, including stud farms as big as „Roleski Ranch” operating large indoor arena [30 x 80m] with the capacity of 800 visitors, and small one like „Furioso” which was the first western riding center in Poland. Those, together with „Redskins’ Village” located within the riding center by Narożniki-Radgoszcz Lagoon, create comprehensive western-style offer. Riding centers attract visitors with wide range of activities including riding lessons, equestrian therapy as well as corporate meetings. Special offer includes two or three days long rides.

Rivers and streams of Tarnów region are home for many rare and endangered species of fishes. The Dunajec and Biała Rivers have preserved their wild nature becoming one-of-a-kind tourist attraction and fishing paradise. Two biggest lakes of the region – Rożnów and Czchów have been centers for water sports for years offering both accommodation and equipment rental. The Tarnów section of Dunajec River (from Czchów Lake to Tarnów) allows you to admire castles and ruins of the castles standing on the banks. Those once guarded ancient Hungarian trade route.


Walking and cycling
Most of the walking and cycling trails run through the southern part of Tarnów region where three national scenic areas are located: Wiśnicko - Lipnicki Park Krajobrazowy, Ciężkowicko-Rożnowski Park Krajobrazowy and Park Krajobrazowy Pasma Brzanki. There are numerous fauna and flora reserves there as well as unique rock formations.
The most interesting trails run through national scenic areas: Uroczysko Polichty (Polichty Range) where learning trails are developed or the Skamieniałe Miasto (Stone City) – nature reserve where rocks are formed in the shapes of buildings, people and animals. In Bukowiec village, in Diable Skały Reserve (Devil’s Rocks) there is „Diabla Dziura” (Devil’s Hole) – the longest cave of the Beskid Mountains located.
Walking and cycling trails run through the areas of outstanding natural beauty as well as heritage sites. Monuments of wooden architecture, especially two: wooden church in Skrzyszów – one of the largest in Małopolska and św. Leonarda, or St. Leonard’s, church in Lipnica Murowana – listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, are worth mentioning. You can’t miss the Szlak Cmentarzy z I Wojny Światowej trail, leading through the World War I cemeteries present in large number in the Tarnów area. Those are both the places of worship and interesting architectural monuments.
The thrill-seekers must visit the Bochnia Salt Mine. An extreme geological trail there, developed deep down under ground is dedicated to the fearless and fit amateurs.
Tarnów region has an excellent network of cycling trails. With low elevation difference it is suitable for bikers on all fitness levels. The trails run aside the main roads and therefore are safe and picturesque.


Tarnów region is fun all year round. No matter what age you are and what your favorite activities are, you will always find something interesting for yourself. Ski lovers will find perfect places for skiing or snowboarding. Others can relax in one of the rural tourism farms and enjoy sleigh rides. The greatest advantage of Tarnów region ski resorts is nearness to the city. Less crowded than resorts in Zakopane area, they offer complete services – from equipment rentals to accommodation. Ski trails are equipped with snow guns, or snow cannons, and illuminating lights. Although its length and drops make them more suitable for recreation than professional skiing, the longest slope reaches 2000 meters (Laskowa - Kamionna Resort). Hostels and pensions spread around Pogórze are best „headquarters” for winter sports. In the neighborhood of Ciężkowice (Jastrzębia mountain), Gromnik (Jurasówka mountain), Pleśna (Lubinka mountain) and Żegocina (Kamionna mountain) ski areas have t-bar ski lifts in place. Decent conditions and beautiful surroundings will make any winter sports lover come back again and again.


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If you’re an active person you will appreciate the opportunities Tarnów offers. Kids can play at „Promienny Zamek” - children fun center. Teenagers and adults can enjoy go-karts racings at the longest kart track in Malopolska, quad rides or climbing one of the greatest climbing walls in Poland. You can play paintball (both outdoor and indoor) or skateboard at one of the skate parks in the city. Swimming enthusiasts have the opportunity to swim all year round in both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. And in the winter there are two ice rinks anyone can enjoy. And you don’t need your own ice skates – you can rent one at place.


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